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Official documents for the second meeting of the AHJWG ( see also the documents for the first and third  meetings of the AHJWG)
 Number TitlePDFWord
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/1Provisional agenda
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/1/Add.1Annotated provisional agenda
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/2Coordination for the national level
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/2/Add.1Coordination for the national level: Belgian national coordination: cooperation structures as an instrument for coherence between a multitude of institutional actors
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/3Joint outreach and public awareness
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/4Coordinated use of regional offices, centres
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/5Programmatic cooperation in the field
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/6Reporting obligations under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/7The potential for cooperation on compliance
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/8The potential for enhancing compliance through cooperation in capacity-building
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/9 Experiences of the Basel Convention in the development of a compliance mechanism
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/10 Information sharing among technical and scientific panels
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/11Pooling information on health and environmental impacts/clearing house mechanisms
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/12Financial management and audit functions
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/13 Back-to-back meetings
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/14 Resource mobilization
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/15 Joint input into other processes
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/16General legal service arrangements - explore different level of coordination including the unification of legal services
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/17The potential for cooperation on compliance
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/18Report of the meeting
INF documents for the second meeting of the AHJWG
Number TitlePDFWord
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/2General legal service arrangements
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/3Technical assistance legal services, including development of legislation
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/4Financial management and audit functions
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/5Resource mobilization
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/6Information technology
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/7Scenario note for the second meeting of the ad hoc joint working group
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/8Submission by Switzerland and Nigeria on joint managerial functions including joint head of secretariat
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/9Resource mobilization
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/10Areas for further cooperation and development
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/11List of documents
UNEP/FAO/CHW/RC/POPS/JWG.2/INF/12List of Participants
Related publications
 Date TitlePDFWord
 Text of the Basel Convention
 Text of the Rotterdam Convention 
 Text of the Stockholm Convention 
 The results of a study prepared by the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention, pursuant to decision SC-1/18, on how the cooperation and synergies between the secretariats of the Basel Convention, the Rotterdam Convention, the Stockholm Convention and other relevant programmes could be improvedSynergies between the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions
 Supplementary analysis of financial and administrative arrangements that would be needed to implement any changes that might be proposed in the study requested in decision SC-1/18, prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme pursuant to decision RC-2/6
 Recommendations on improving cooperation and synergies prepared by the Secretariat of the Basel Convention

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